Eat, Breathe, Full

Empty Plate with Fork

Before you get up for seconds or order dessert do you ever ask yourself “am I full?” If so, this little tidbit might come in handy.

Take note of your breathing while you are eating and look for a solo deep breath. This breath indicates you are a good, happy full. If you decide to push through and keep eating beyond this point you will reach that Thanksgiving full, which is only really nice a couple times a year.

If you’re missing that deep breath perhaps you’re eating too fast, which isn’t giving your body enough time to process the meal. Remember, it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to communicate to your brain that it’s full. Here are some helpful hints to get you to slow down: stop watching TV or reading while you’re eating, try eating with your less dominant hand or try putting down your utensils after every bite and not picking them up again until your mouth is empty.

Stay present and enjoy your food – eating is NOT a chore!

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