The Coke Dilemma

Two Classic Coke Bottles

It’s late afternoon on a hot, humid summer day – you want something cold to drink, something that will quench your thirst. You reach for a beer but that won’t do, and water is not even an option at this point because you want a Coke. I love Coke and who doesn’t? Maybe those Pepsi lovers but this dilemma still applies to them – this week I present to you the Coke dilemma.

Coke stains your teeth but so does coffee, tea, and soy sauce. Years ago, my dentist advised me to drink Coke through a straw to prevent the liquid from staining my teeth…ok this could work except I feel like I’m not even tasting the amazing liquid anymore because it’s making a b-line for my throat; however, I figured I could live with it. On a side note, this same dentist recommends adding milk or cream to tea and coffee, which also prevents teeth from getting stained.

So, here I was drinking my Coke through a straw when an esthetician told me if I continue down this path I’ll eventually develop wrinkles on my upper lip from too much straw sucking! In the end I chose neither and continue to drink Coke from the can.

The Coke dilemma – white teeth or wrinkles? I’ll let you pick.

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